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1 Introduction on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:55 pm

Bula everyone
My name is Vasiti Lawakeli but you can call me deedy (dd). I am 19 years old and I am from the republic islands of Fiji. I was first introduced to kpop when I was about 13 turning 14 at my high school (all girl school) when the Koreans at my school performed electric shock by f (x) and boy did I love that performance. My love for kpop grew more when the mv for call me baby by EXO and good boy by Taeyang and GD aired on our MTV channel
The choreography was nice to my eyeballs because of externals exams I had to focus more on school so I stopped watching kpop 2017 came and I started university life and I came across blackpinks mv Boombayah and OMGG I was jungshook, so yes I'm a BLINK and I love all of them
After discovering Blackpink I started watching EXO mvs and Big bang and discovered other awesome groups such as 2ne1, BTS (hotties), sistar, got7, 24K, red velvet, mamamoo, twice, Kara
and then the newbies Seventeen, Wanna One, pristin, weki meki to name a few.
Now here i am working hard in Uni so I can get a good job earn more so I can go to Korea to see my oppas and unnies

Moce mada

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